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Yacht Management
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Yacht Management
Yacht Management

Yacht Management
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Yacht Management

Simply put, yacht management is the supply of support and advice to owners to help ensure that their vessel is being maintained and serviced to the highest possible standards. Instead of taking time away from your busy schedule, why not hire our knowledgeable staff to oversee things? 

We proudly offer the following services:

  - Boat Opening / Commissioning

  - Oil Changes

  - Engine Room Repairs

  - Winterizations

  - Provisioning


Boat winterization is essential to protecting your investment as the boating season comes to an end. The time and effort that goes into winterization will have a direct effect on your boat's performance (or lack thereof) come spring. We provide complete winterization services as well as a Winter Watch Program.

Winter Watch Program Features:

  • check bilge

  • check engine compartments

  • check breaker box

  • adjust dock and power lines

  • status reports with photos emailed weekly



Boat commissioning is an essential step to prepare your vessel for the spring boating season. Allow our experienced crew to take this take off your hands for you.

Commissioning Checklist:

  • prep water systems

  • check and prep engines

  • prep generator

  • open all seacocks

  • check all battery connections



Heading out for a weekend on the water, but don't have time to head to the store and stock up on essentials? We happily provide personalized provisioning services to fit your needs. Planning ahead for your cruise drives your provisioning preparations. Some of the key issues to decide up front are:

  • How do you like to eat while underway?

  • Will you be eating ashore or eating aboard?

  • How many people will be aboard and what special needs might they have?