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Wash / Detail

Our Wash and Detail service is the perfect way to keep your boat looking its best. We offer a range of high-quality detailing services, from a basic wash to a full teak and canvas cleaning. Our experienced staff uses only top-of-the-line products and equipment to ensure a thorough and professional job. We offer competitive and fair pricing so that you can expect the best value for your money.

Get on our weekly or biweekly wash schedule for the season and your boat will be ready for you to just enjoy on the weekends. No more spending your Friday evening or Saturday morning washing your boat!



We use the best products on the market and support local businesses in the process. We highly recommend SMOOVE marine care products.

Learn more about SMOOVE here.

Compound & Wet Sand

Properly wet sanding and compounding a hull can work wonders and bring back a shine that you thought was gone forever. This process takes a little time and a lot of effort, but the results speak for themselves. 


Before you decide to paint your hull or slap a sealer on it, contact us! We've been able to restore gel coats that others weren't able to.

Ceramic Coating

We offer a high-end ceramic coating service using the absolute best product on the market, SystemX. Ceramic is applied after gelcoat correction which provides protection and fills in the pores of gelcoat, creating a nano protection that makes it less vulnerable to oxidation. Enjoy the peace of mind that you're getting the best protection for your boat or yacht.

Learn more about SystemX

Shrink Wrapping

Did you know that water expands by 9% when it freezes? Now imagine what happens when rain and snow collect on your deck and hull and the temperature drops causing it to freeze and expand. This pressure is great enough to cause cracks which can allow moisture to penetrate fiberglass.

Don't subject your vessel to this kind of damage or your wallet to a costly repair! Let us protect your investment. We use only heavy duty marine grade shrink film treated for UV protection and when properly wrapped all rain and snow will drain away preventing ice from forming.

Interior Flooring

We offer a wide range of high-quality flooring solutions. With a choice of hardwood, marine grade vinyl, or carpeting of your choice, we can customize the interior of your boat any way you like.


Every project includes a new subfloor using marine grade plywood as well as custom trimmed hatches that match your flooring perfectly. We also custom make interior cabin steps to match to complete your transformation!


ShipsDek offers high quality closed-cell, polyethylene (PE)  foam marine nonskid decking. This decking offers an easy to maintain alternative to non-skid textures for traction in wet areas, improving your comfort and safety. It is UV protected and non-absorbent making it easier to clean and stain resistant. We offer a variety of different color options to match your vessel.

ShipsDek is a superior alternative to marine carpet and is designed to withstand harsh marine conditions. It also provides excellent shock and sound absorbing qualities, providing comfort to both the recreational boater and fishermen alike. 

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